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About EMOC

The EMOC project aims at common European standards for assessing skills which are required to work safely and environmental friendly with machines. The result of the three year project will be a “European Machine Driving License”.

  • EMOC offers machine operators an acknowledgement of their skills which is accredited by independent bodies.
  • The project results provide an instrument for entrepreneurs and their clients for proving that operators of machines are skilled to carry out specific tasks. EMOC offers evidence of competences which meet the legal requirements and the criteria of forest and contractors certification.
  • EMOC fosters education and further education in forest enterprises.

EMOC will not replace basic vocational education which ideally provides the competences to fulfil the complex tasks in operating modern forest machines. In fact, it is a complementary instrument for decision support, when training certificates are not at hand or the individual competence standard is inexplicit.

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