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About Efesc

Our mission is to facilitate the mobility of forest and green area workers within the European Union in accrediting and promoting the recognition of individuals national qualifications between partner countries on European level.

Our objectives

The European Forestry and Environmental Skills Council (EFESC) is a membership organization of industry representatives and organisations which manage and monitor the skills and competence certification processes on national level. EFESC has been established in 2009 by members of an EU Leonardo Project. In 2012 the EFESC handbook was approved and the organisation was officially established.

The objectives of EFESC are to define and maintain minimum standards in outdoor professions like forestry, landscaping, tree work and horticulture which can be applied in all European countries. With the setting of standards EFESC contributes to the improvement of safety and health and the mobility due to the interchange ability of the certificates.

ECS: the first minimum standards developed by EFESC are that of chainsaws. These are minimum standards at five different levels. Only accredited assessment centres are allowed to use the ECC logo (European Chainsaw Certificate) on their certificates for those individuals who pass the assessments.

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