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Our organisation

EFESC is based on a membership where leading actors in forestry and environmental work both as training providers and applicants of the skills have a voice to ensure that the skills standards are accepted and acknowledged by the whole industry. The general assembly consists of all EFESC members.

In the general assembly all-important decision are made concerning the objectives, the policy, the standards, the organisational structure and processes – and of course financial affairs. The general assembly elects the executive board who is responsible to implement the policy of EFESC. Standard setting and maintenance and accreditation processes in EFESC are assigned to Committees of experts which are elected by the EFESC general assembly. The secretariat supports the executive committee.

Our National Agencies

How to become a National Agency

National agencies can be forestry training centres, individual professional enterprises or governmental organisations. For further details please see the EFESC Handbook or contact us.

In case you are interested to assess according to ECS standards, please contact your National Agency for more information. They can provide detailed information on becoming an accredited assessment centre.

Ordinary members

  • Sozialversicherung für Landwirtschaft, Forsten und Gartenbau (SVLFG) (Germany)
  • WaldSchweiz -Verband der Waldeigentuemer  (Switzerland)

Extraordinary members

  • Sven Bung, VitaForst International Management of Forest & Landscape e.K. (Germany)