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European Chainsaw Certificate

European Chainsaw Standards

European minimum standards (ECS) have been developed for different competence levels of chainsaw use.
Currently standards are available for the following competence levels:

  • ECS 1 : chainsaw maintenance and crosscutting
  • ECS (Tension) : wood under tension (simulated situations)
  • ECS 2 : basic tree felling
  • ECS 3 : advanced tree felling
  • ECS 4 : windblown and damaged trees
  • ECS (Height): chainsaw use at height (currently being developed)

The European Chainsaw Standards are free to download and use for training purposes.



European Chainsaw Certificate

Based on each of the above ECS competence levels, a formal assessment procedure has been agreed upon. By taking an assessment in an accredited assessment centre, chainsaw users can acquire a European Chainsaw Certificate.

Only EFESC accredited assessment centres can issue European Chainsaw Certificates. Search our database to find one nearby.