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All relevant documents can be downloaded in different languages below.

The translated versions of the National Agencies are subordinate to the original English version.

When a translated version has not been updated yet, this is indicated with a star*.

EFESC Handbook

The EFESC Handbook is binding. In it, the purpose, structure and regulations of EFESC are defined.

EFESC handbook

24th November 2020

EFESC European Chainsaw Standards (ECS)

The European Chainsaw Standards (ECS) are binding. The ECS lay down the skills required to obtain the respective level of European Chainsaw Certificates. As such the ECS constitute the basis for assessments.

European Chainsaw Standards ECS 1

23rd July 2020

European Chainsaw Standards ECS1 (Tension)

4th September 2019

European Chainsaw Standards ECS 2

20th October 2020

European Chainsaw Standards ECS 3

18th November 2020

European Chainsaw Standards ECS 4

20th October 2020


5th May 2020

Pre test to ECC3

20th October 2020

EFESC Handbook Appendices

The EFESC Handbook Appendices are non-binding documents. The appendices provide guidelines, recommendations and forms for the practical implementation of regulations laid out in the EFESC Handbook.

EFESC Handbook Appendices (below):

23rd July 2020

EFESC Assessor Guidelines

Appendix 1: EFESC Assessors Code of Practice

2nd October 2020

Appendix 2: EFESC Assessor Approval Guidance Notes

23rd July 2020

EFESC Verifier Guidelines

Appendix 3: EFESC Verification System

24th September 2020

Appendix 4: EFESC Verification Report Form

23rd July 2020

Checklists for EFESC Assessment Centres and Assessors

ECC1 Site Requirements & Equipment Checklist

20th October 2020

ECC2 Site Requirements and Equipment Checklist

16th November 2020

ECC3 Site Requirements & Equipment Checklist

23rd September 2020

ECC4 Site Requirements & Equipment Checklist

23rd September 2020

ECC Score Sheets

ECC score sheet ECC1

8th December 2020

ECC score sheet ECC1 (Tension)

23rd July 2020

ECC score sheet ECC2

8th December 2020

ECC score sheet ECC3

8th December 2020

ECC score sheet ECC4

8th December 2020

Pretest to ECC3 score sheet

8th December 2020

EFESC General Recommendations and Forms

CPD Record Form

2nd October 2020

EP & SSRA Form

2nd October 2020

Appendix 5: EFESC Definitions

23rd July 2020