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Centre National de Formation Professionnelle Continue (CNFPC-Ettelbruck)

  • rue J.-P. Thill (Z.I.) 77
    L - 9085 Ettelbruck

Active in the training field for 40 years, the Centre national de formation professionnelle continue (CNFPC) is a public organisation that reports to the Vocational Training Department of the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth (MENJE).

It offers a wide range of customised training courses to meet the needs and expectations of employees, jobseekers, the general public and young adults. True to its mission and public service values, the CNFPC places the learner at the centre of its priorities.

The CNFPC’s training offer is based on four main dedicated pillars :

  • Continuing vocational training : for employees who wish to acquire, maintain or develop their professional knowledge and skills, in order to adapting them to the social and technological requirements of the job market.
  • Vocational retraining : for jobseekers and people considering a change in their career path.
  • Personal development courses : for adults who want to learn or improve in a variety of areas, either privately or professionally.
  • School offer : offered as part of the formal education system, for young people and adults wishing to undertake vocational training or qualifications, with a view to increasing their employability or embarking on higher education.

As an training centre firmly rooted in the realities of the world of employment, the CNFPC has positioned itself as a trusted partner of refernce in the continuing vocational training field.

The CNFPC also offers innovative training solutions adapted to all sectors of the labour market, supported by extensive infrastructures. It also provides trainers who have many years’ experience in their professional fields.

The CNFPC has five domain of excellence :

  • Forestry and Environment
  • Essential skills (Soft skills & Digital skills)
  • Industry (Automation, KNX, Lean Manufacturing)
  • Welding (DVS certification)
  • Safe driving of machinery (AAA)

You can find all our training courses on our website: www.cnfpc.lu