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EFESC standards accepted in more 70% of the euro zone countries!

With the running accreditation of EFESC Italia the motor chainsaw standards of EFESC (European Forestry and Environmental Skills council are now accepted in 70% of the euro-zone countries.


The ECC Standards of EFESC prove that a chainsaw operator provides the skills which are necessary to operate a chainsaw safely and effectively. Based on this standard it is ensured that the same assessment standards are applied throughout Europe. This will considerably contribute to the mobility within Europe and even more to the safety in forest operations when workers can be employed who have proven their skills.

In a short ceremony at the last EFESC general meeting in Barcelona the chairman of EFESC Mr. Tom Embo handed over accreditation certificates to the new established EFESC national agencies in the Netherlands, France, Austria and Germany. The accreditation followed a strict set of criteria which have been thorougly defined and endorsed by the EFESC General Assembly. These criteria ensure that the NAs have the capacities to manage the EFESC processes on national levels, and that the organizations are well embedded in the national forestry and environmental training scene.

From now on these National Agencies are entitled to implement the certification processes on national level and issue the European Chainsaw Certificate. Together with the existing national EFESC agencies in Belgium and Spain EFESC Standards are now applied in the majority of the euro zone countries.

On 18.-20 June 2014 EFESC is planning a further training for assessors in Wales. For questions please contact the EFESC secretariat: Joachim Morat KWF; Joachim.Morat@kwf-online.de