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Successful ECC Assessor workshop

The Assessor Workshop last week was a great success, thanks to the contribution of 16 participants including 6 members of the Standards Committee. A ‘heavy’ agenda was completed each day under the determined direction of meeting chairman Roland Tromp, with positive results. Recommendations from the Standards Committee meeting in June were discussed, accepted in principle and ‘field tested’ in the forest with participants all taking the role of ‘assessor’ for ECC1 and 2.

Miquel Casas also very ably felled a larger tree that gave an insight into part of ECC 3. Score-sheets were used as the template to revise contents of the Standards, to remove anomalies. Also the score-sheets were developed to be more ‘user-friendly’, including a reduction of ‘critical points’ to ensure they were more realistic.

In addition, the EFESC Handbook was reviewed to remove errors and the Appendices containing Assessor Code of Practice was examined in detail and rationalised to be a fully working document.

The drafts from the workshop will be distributed to workshop participants and Standards committee to check that all are in agreement, then the papers will be submitted to the Secretariat by October 24th for inclusion in the agenda in Vienna, for ratification as appropriate by the General Assembly.

Thanks go to Tom Embo for agreeing to hold the workshop at Inverde, to Kris Hofkens and Filip Debleeckere for organising the excellent venue and felling site, all participants for their diligence, and Roland Tromp for pushing us all so hard!

Chris Hughes, chairman of the EFESC standards committee